Body And Soul


Body And Soul

Crown of thorns on Your brow
Blood with the virtue of life, it’s flowing down.
By that crown my mind’s been set free
Worry and fear are gone, You took the burden for me.
Oh, You took it for me.

Hallelujah, Lord, You’re the Lord of my life
Lord of my life, body and soul.

Your heart was pierced just for me
As You took the pain of every broken heart there’d ever be.
Now I’m healed on the inside
Of every sorrow I’ve ever known in this life.
Oh, Your love touches me. 

You, Lord were beaten and scorned
Your back, it was opened and torn.
Now healing power it’s flowing so free
Like the blood that flowed from Your back
Healing power it’s flowing to me.
Oh, it’s flowing to me.

Nails in Your hands, in Your feet
Then to the cross, blood again it’s flowing so free.
But Your hands they’re not bound today
Your feet are running to the place
Where people believe when they pray.
Lord, You’re healing today.

For believers, there exists both the present reality of Jesus’ finished work and the ongoing experience of seeking to enter into it and live in all that He already finished. In this beautiful song, the first half of each verse expresses what Jesus did in His suffering and death on the cross and the second half of each verse reveals what His suffering means for us today.  It is a present and beautiful reality that the apostle Paul revealed when he wrote, “For ye are bought with a price: Therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit which are God’s.” 

God made a plan to save and to heal us; body and soul. Jesus fulfilled that plan through His suffering and death. What remains then? What remains is for us to understand all that God has done for us through Christ and receive, by faith, all he has done. His full blessing.