Grace For Powerful Christian Living


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Guy is working on a new and updated version of this book.

Is grace really “God’s unmerited favor?” Is it God’s willingness to use His ability?

Do you know what grace is? Do you know what grace does? Do you know how to find grace and make it operative in your life?

In this powerful, fresh study Guy teaches what grace is, what it does, and how to benefit from ongoing working.

Learn about the throne of grace, the altar of grace, and God’s mighty hand which dispenses grace. Learn about the enabling ability of grace which produces power over temptation, tests and trials, and satan himself.

Grace is the “exceeding great power available for believers” Paul prayed about in Ephesians one. It is an infusion of the strength and ability of Christ to the believers’ inner man. This sufficient strength called grace makes even the weak say, “I am strong.”

Grace for Powerful Christian Living” will open your eyes to the ongoing great power available for you which will produce effectual, overcoming Christian living.