I Will Not Be Denied


I Will Not Be Denied

My body is bound; no relief can be found
Sickness has a strong hold on me
But inside, there’s a shakin’
Good news is in the makin’
I just heard, Jesus set me free 

Healing, it’s mine from the Lord
I will not be denied
And though hell may resist, I will persist
I will not be denied 

Though my body’s racked with pain
I hear that good news again and again
Jesus, He took sickness for me
By His stripes, I am healed
The New Covenant has been sealed
And healing, healing belongs to me 

Well, I’ve tried before; come short of His healing mercy
But today, it’s a new day for me
For the Word of God has been spoken
And the curse, the curse has been broken
And healing, healing belongs to me

This song is written from the perspective of a sick person who, in the midst of their pain, has heard the good news that Jesus provided healing through His suffering on the cross. This news has caused an attitude of boldness and unshakable confidence to take hold in their heart. The tenacity expressed in the lyrics of this song is often necessary in order to be healed. 

Faith is a decision to be single-minded about what God has said. Scripture tells us that in spite of his age, Abraham was strong in faith, fully persuaded that God would do what He had promised. His faith did not waver and in time, he received what God had promised. 

Individuals like Bartemeaus, the two blind men, and the woman with the issue of blood were tenacious. They heard that Jesus was a healer and they made up their minds to be healed. Like them, you can press past your pain and every doubt that might assail you and lay hold of your healing! Just say, “I will not be denied!”