True Or False: Judging Doctrine and Leadership


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  • Learn about Satan’s latter-day strategy to undermine the church.
  • Learn what it really means to judge.
  • Learn where unsound doctrine and unsound spiritual leadership come from.
  • Learn the dangerous results of unsound doctrine and unsound spiritual leadership.
  • Learn how to judge doctrine.
  • Learn how to judge spiritual leadership.

Judge not that ye be not judged. These are some of the most famous words in the modern church. Although these words of warning pertain to some areas of spiritual life, they certainly do not apply to doctrine and spiritual leadership, not only is judging permitted; judging is required!

In order for the church of God to remain healthy in spiritual life and fruitful service, believers must be established in sound doctrine and guided by sound spiritual leaders. When doctrine and spiritual leaders are sound, the church will be healthy, flourishing, and fruitful. When, however, doctrine or spiritual leaders are unsound, the church will be sick, floundering, and unfruitful. For the church to stay healthy and fruitful, believers must judge.

In this important work, Guy establishes from the Word of God that believers must be willing and must be able to judge the doctrine they hear and the spiritual leaders they encounter. He teaches where unsound doctrine comes from and the negative results of its proliferation. He teaches where unsound spiritual leaders come from and the dangerous results of their activity. You will grow in spiritual understanding and in skillfulness in the very essential areas of judging as you learn these important truths.