What Can You Believe?


What Can You Believe?

Jesus, I brought my son to Your disciples
They could not cast out the demon that’s tormenting him
Now I’m asking You, Lord, what can You do?
Can You deliver him, can You deliver him, Lord can You? 

Looking in his eyes, Jesus said,
Sir, what can you believe?
If you believe, I can deliver your son
So don’t hold me back; stretch out your heart in faith
I’ll deliver him, I’ll deliver him, I’ll deliver him, if you believe 

What can you believe? That’s the question
What can you believe? Jesus said
For My heart it’s toward you, of power there is no lack. What can you believe? 

Thank God, these words of Jesus stand forever.
I heard Him say, If you believe, I’ll deliver your son
So people don’t hold Him back, stretch out your heart in faith
He’ll deliver you, He’ll deliver you, He’ll deliver you, if you will believe

The Word of God liveth, abideth forever
Jesus Christ; He’s still healing today
Faith is the key; it’s all you need
God is well able to do what you believe! 

In Mark chapter nine, a man came to Jesus and informed Him that the disciples were not able to deliver his son from a tormenting demon. Being discouraged, the man asked Jesus, “Lord, what can you do?” Jesus answered his question with a question when He said, “Sir, what can you believe?” With these words, Jesus revealed that the most critical question where healing is concerned is not whether God has the power to heal or is willing to heal, but is whether or not people can believe Him to heal them. 

When Jesus went to Nazareth, He could do no mighty works there because of their unbelief. James said that the double-minded man should not expect to receive anything from the Lord. And Jesus said, “All things are possible to him who believes.” 

Whether or not we believe what God has promised is critical to whether or not we receive from the Lord. Are you ready to believe and be made whole?